Are Progressives Cheap?

A DailyKos Diary, Do Conservatives out donate Progressives? Yes, says new book.

I just finished reading a book that every progressive needs to read, “The Surprising Truth About Compassionate Conservatism: Who Really Cares”, by Professor Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University. Brooks, who confesses (maybe too much) that he is a long-time liberal, has done an in-depth analysis of charitable giving in the US and the picture that emerges is not pretty for progressives. Bluntly, Brooks’ findings are that conservatives give more – a lot more – than liberals.

I think it’s true. Do you?
And does it matter? YES!

Progressives will need a strong philanthropic worldview if they are going to create the communications infrastructure they will need to win America’s hearts and minds in the long term . Unless progressives can match conservatives in donations and volunteer time, Progressives may never be able to move the country from a 50-50 split electorate to a more liberal one.