Are Democrats Cowards?

Josh opened a real can of worms at TPM with this post and this postthat both answer in the affirmative.
I posted a few select comments from TPM Cafe at MyDD, Are Democrats Cowards?
Josh opened up a new thread at TPM Cafe where there is nearly universal agreement that by their failure to establish a brand identify, their unwillingness to fight back and their failure to oppose Bush’s legislative agenda Democrats have been branded in the minds of the American people as cowards.

2 thoughts on “Are Democrats Cowards?

  1. With some exceptions, I think that all politicians are cowards. They are almost exclusively concerned with holding onto their phoney baloney jobs. They are convinced, by their egos and by the pack of sycophants that surround them, that they are ‘great’ leaders, wise and useful.
    I think if we replaced the 435 congresspersons with randomly selected high school graduates, district by district, we would hardly do worse and might do quite a bit better.
    So, yes, the Democrats, as in Democratic elected officials, are almost all cowards. But worse than that, they are losers.

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