April Fools?

Is this, at Nathan Newman an April Fools joke?

Reuters is going a step further. It told its editorial employees in an electronic posting late last week that it planned to hire six journalists in Bangalore, India, to do basic financial reporting on 3,000 small to medium-size American companies…

The reporters in Bangalore will mostly be responsible for extracting basic financial information from company news releases and quarterly earnings reports. Tasks like interviewing a company president, talking to analysts and covering breaking news, will continue to be done by more experienced journalists working in the countries where those companies operate, Mr. Schlesinger said.

While the pilot project is intentionally modest, it is related to a much larger effort, announced by Reuters late last year, that will send about 200 of its data-entry jobs to Bangalore from England and the United States.

Nathan suggests that we’re about to see a change in the way the financial press covers trade and jobs issues.

So much of the press has become so completely career-minded, and they know that you write good stories about the Right or you don’t HAVE a career, period. And then this. We might actually see the beginning of an awakening on the part of the people who write our news stories. The corporations that own the media will still be in control but I think we just might see the lap-dog attitude of the reporters changing soon.