Approaching the Post-Democratic Era

“We had planned for the new Not In Our Name statement of conscience to run on Friday, January 21, in the New York Times. We had a contract and a confirmation number. This ad was to be our answer to the inauguration, and it was timed to appear in the middle of the inauguration news coverage.

The ad did not run. The advertising department were themselves deeply surprised by this, and have not been able to explain what happened. In fact, we were told that to their knowledge this had never happened before.

At the same time, the Times lead editorial said that this should be a time of legitimacy and acceptance for the President — and that this was especially something that the opposition has to come to terms with.

It is unacceptable that we do not yet know why something that “has never happened before” happened — a full page paid ad, accepted and slotted in, did not run. This is especially so when the content of the ad, the need to resist the course that this administration has set, is so important to the people of this country and the world. There needs to be an investigation of what went wrong and why. If it was just an honest mistake, we expect that the Times itself would want to know why in order to prevent it from occurring again.”

No-one is forcing the Times to run ads they don’t care for. It’s their paper.

They have no business ignoring their contractual obligations.

Perhaps Mr. Okrent would be interested in hearing what you think about this.

Yeah, well, perhaps you should tell him anyway.


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Cut-and-pasted from Sisyphus Shrugged