Appoint Elizabeth Warren Now!

We Need Change: Give Elizabeth Warren a Recess Appointment

We Need Change: Give Elizabeth Warren a Recess Appointment
The Senate Republican minority has publicly announced it will filibuster any nominee to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, unless the President strips the new bureau of much of his ability to protect consumers and hold banks accountable. If Senate Republicans are going to unreasonably withhold their votes, the President has no obligation to cater to their demands. He can use his constitutional powers to make appointments while Congress is in recess after May 27, and nominate the best person for the job.
Sign the petition below to urge the President to appoint the best: Elizabeth Warren.

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Petition Text:

Mr. President, Appoint Elizabeth Warren To Lead The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
We the undersigned urge you, President Barack Obama, to use your recess appointment powers, after the Senate adjourns on May 27, to name Elizabeth Warren to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Since the Senate Republicans have refused to consider any appointment without dismantling the bureau itself, there is no reason to subject any nominee to a confirmation process guaranteed to go nowhere.
Elizabeth Warren is American’s greatest middle-class champion. She has done outstanding work in setting up the bureau. We cannot let Wall Street opposition and Republican obstruction block dynamic leadership for the new bureau.
We in the middle-class need the best, and the best is Elizabeth Warren. It is time to act.