Apply for the job of Supreme Court Justice.

Accolo, the hot job placement firm that produced the takeoff of the Paris Hilton hambuger ad is at it again. They have posted a real application form for a Supreme Court Justice on their job site with some great questions the American people want to ask. Any one can apply, but they will foward filled out applications from judges, lawyers and law professors to the President and the Judiciary Committee for consideration. John Younger, President of Acollo is doing this as a public service…he feels that one of the most important jobs in the American government should be democratically open to anyone, and is using his placement agency as the peoples’ employment agency.

Title: United States Supreme Court Justice – Apply your Serenity, Courage and Wisdom
Strength of character, historical perspective, rhetorical flair, and a willingness to stand on principle come naturally to you. Your keen intellect, deep understanding of the most complex legal issues, communication skills, demonstrated ability to make informed decisions and writing acumen will serve you well in this high profile position. Step up to the opportunity of a lifetime as you mold the fundamental legal principles of the United States during a time of great volatility.
The United States Federal Government offers competitive salary and benefits. In addition to completing this application, the selection process includes being nominated by the President and receiving Senate confirmation.
You read legal doctrines for fun and shine in legal and political careers. Your endless barbeque debates about civil rights, race relations, criminal procedure, freedom of speech and press, and church-state relations regularly make you the center of attention. While this job has no formal requirements, previous top-performers have been natural-born citizens with significant judicial experience. In the last 200 years, all selected candidates have been lawyers. Most were current or previous members of Congress, governors, members of the Cabinet, attorneys, law professors or judges in the United States court system. Impress your friends, influence your neighbors and apply your in-depth legal experience as a United States Supreme Court Justice. See the appliction below and then click on their site for some very insightful and amusing questions.
Accolo is supporting the effort to fill this job as part of our civic duty in an unofficial capacity. Americans value choice and opportunity, so this is your chance to be considered even if you are not currently part of the President’s inner circle. Serious candidates will be forwarded to President Bush and select members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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