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Not usable YET. It STILL says “Downtown Belmont” in the middle of Redwood City. Belmont is two towns away. This means they are not even fixing reported errors, because I reported this the day after the map was released.

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  1. You’re griping about the wrong people. Apple’s map data comes from which depends on people like you to update and correct their open source maps. The reason this hasn’t been fixed is because YOU didn’t fix it.

    I checked Google Maps vs. Open Street Maps. Both contain the same map data for Belmont. It appears your search in Apple Maps is locating an incorrect marker, which is labeled “Belle Monte” in the OSM website. You could fix that.

  2. As I wrote, I did report the problem, way back when the Apple map app came out.

    As I wrote the problem is in Redwood City, not Belmont. Downtown Redwood City is labeled as “Downtown Belmont.”

    Apple used TomTom as its main map source. In some psarts of the world they do use Open Street Maps. Pakistan, for example.

  3. OSM is the primary source here in the US, TomTom in Europe where their coverage agreements allow. The US maps are exactly the same on the OSM website and iOS, they are different from the Google Map data. It’s definitely OSM in Redwood City.

    You could fix these map problems directly in OSM. You could report them to Apple, but they just have to pass it along to OSM. Skip a step of bureaucracy and do it yourself.

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