Apparat -Must Read

I came across an article I have written about before, and I’m posting this to recommend it again. This is an absolute must-read for understanding what is happening to us, how things got to be the way they are, and how the Right operates. Read The Apparat.

2 thoughts on “Apparat -Must Read

  1. Thanks for posting that. I already knew most of it from your archives, but it was good to see it again.
    I was at TPM’s book club the yesterday and many of the supposed Democrats who replied were arguing harder for the status quo than Bush himself.
    Most people own stocks and we need more service jobs type of crap. I had to leave because it was so much like the winger sites, but without refrences to Clinton’s penis.
    I was a low wage worker for decades and those people do not have a clue what life is like for the working poor or for small business owners. Somebody said there wasn’t any rage at the bottom.
    There is a lot of rage, but the talk radio crowd has deflected it at the people we should be standing with.
    How to break the spell…

  2. “Precise information on corporate contributions to tax exempt organizations is scarce since the IRS does not require their public disclosure.”
    … and why not?!? This seems like a sensible suggestion – maybe someone should attempt to get it added to the next campaign finance reform bill. I’m sure many Americans would love to hear more about this.

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