Appalling story from CBS team in Iraq

Click on this link. It’s unbelievable.
Lara Logan of CBS News in Iraq has apparently had to send out an email begging people to ask CBS’s national news people to run her team’s reporting. The CBS top management has been so intimidated by the right-wing thugs that they’re suppressing stories.
Think about it. The CBS news team is risking their lives to get the news, but because of a bunch of screaming stay-at-home rightwing ideologues, their story is not being broadcast.
The reporters are now using the internet to get the word out. CBS itself has only a censorship function. It’s a travesty.
I just realized what’s so strange about this story. Logan’s email included a video clip of the coverage she wanted CBS to broadcast. In other words, she was able to broadcast the story herself, without CBS’s help. The internet has supplanted the major media even for the major media’s content-producers. This is a disgrace, all right, but it also tells you in no uncertain terms that media world we remember is dead as a doornail. Something big has got to change.