7 thoughts on “Apology To Firefox Users

  1. …I’ll blame both of them and throw in Frist and Dobson for good measure. This gray screen nonsense is obviously an attack on progressive persons of faith…

  2. It’s the (mumble mumble) conservative default for nglayout.initialpaint (mumble mumble) thing. Why not try replacing the table layout with some css floats? Also check where your styles are getting imported from, bottlenecks on yr bandwidth, etc. (Sorry I am too exhausted to be more helpful here. Try bugzilla and Google…)

  3. happens in safari and camino as well, but only lasts a few seconds…no big deal

  4. The problem must be the browser.
    The grey is coming from the background color of the page body (#666666 – what do you suppose Jim Dobson would make of this ?); The white is the background color of the container on top of the page.
    Since the stylesheet is at the same url (seeingtheforest.com) as the page, I don’t think it’s a bandwidth issue so much, except that it’s going to takes few seconds to download the whole thing (big page – lots of links, etc.). I think these browsers just load the background first; not sure what you could do there other than giving the page a white background – but you probably don’t want to lose the grey border (even if it is satanic). And that won’t make the thing load any quicker either.

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