2 thoughts on “Antinomianism

  1. Yes, antinomianism. See also: the “noble lie”, the doctrine of grace and the odious Calvinist notion of the elect.
    Each of these can be interesting, subtle theological notions. Or, as is the case in Republican Fundamentalism, they are pseudo-theological justifications for IOKIYAR. I refer to the latter exploitation.

  2. I’ve been thinking about this but lacked the vocabulary. Jonah Goldberg takes a stab at an explanation:

    Hypocrisy is not the great “flaw” of conservatism it is the great insight of conservatism. We are all hypocrites if we hold real principles because all conservative doctrines believe in original sin. We are flawed creatures. A fact government cannot change. Therefore, any principle worth holding is going to be difficult to maintain perfectly and at all times.

    As I read it, cynically, conservatism makes copious allowances for malfeasance, calling on the forgiveness of those on the receiving end. It’s a nice racket — this modern-day selling of indulgences — and perpetually repeatable.

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