Anti-Gay Republicans Crash Worship Services

The Columbus Dispatch : Anti-gay activists crash worship services,

A conservative Christian values group has been interrupting services at two central Ohio churches to protest their support for homosexuality.
Minutemen United vowed to attend services every Sunday.
The group started its crusade when First Baptist Church in Granville hosted “Love Makes a Family,” a traveling exhibit by the Family Diversity Project showing photos of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families.
[. . .] “They rebuked me as a pastor for preaching that God’s love is for everyone,” Keeny said.

The Bilerico Project writes,

…this comes down to respect for people’s religions, and the Religious Right always declares themselves on the side of religious freedom promulgating paranoid fantasies of police rounding up pastors after hate crimes legislations gets passed or school teachers locking away students with Bibles or whatever. But then when it comes to anyone who disagrees with them, suddenly the word “freedom” gets exposed for the window dressing that it is.

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  1. Huh! They may be in for some real surprises. Gays can take care of themselves. I’d love to be a fly on the wall if they decide to disrupt some of the churches here in NYC with a heavy population of gays.

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