"Anti-American" Marketing Campaign?

This came in an urgent emergency e-mail from Heritage Foundation’s Town Hall, in its entirety (please, sue me, and get FOX to sue me, too!):

To: Conservative Friends

From: Center for Individual Freedom

Re: Subway’s Anti-American Tray-Liners

Dear Friends,

I am writing today to ask for your help on an issue of utmost importance.

It has come to our attention that SUBWAY, an American company, is using this tray liner (see below for English translation) in their restaurants in Germany and across Europe. In a shameless and anti-American effort to increase sales in Europe, SUBWAY restaurants are promoting the film, “Super Size Me,” a documentary about a man who gains weight by gorging himself at McDonald’s for 30 days straight without any exercise. Learn more about “Super Size Me”, and its irresponsible message.

The most offensive part of this new advertising campaign is the display of an obese Statue of Liberty holding a burger and fries in her hands. The headline screams “Why are Americans so fat?” (The headline uses the German word “Amis” – a derogatory term for Americans.)

Simply put, SUBWAY’s advertising strategy is a new low in corporate behavior — exploiting cultural tensions and inflaming anti-American sentiment abroad just to sell more sandwiches. It is appalling that SUBWAY, a U.S. company, would attack Americans and the Statue of Liberty in a time of war … just to gain market share.

In response, the Center for Individual Freedom (www.cfif.org), together with Frontiers of Freedom (www.ff.org) and several other organizations, has launched its own campaign to demand that SUBWAY immediately end its anti-American marketing ploy.

To be effective, we desperately need your help!

An excerpt from today’s Houston Chronicle, which reported on this issue in a front page article, reads: “SUBWAY officials thought a tie-in with a movie featuring [Jared] Fogle and raising awareness about the nation’s weight problem ‘just seemed to make sense’ for a company that has just launched a campaign to fight childhood obesity,” Kane said.

There you have it folks. No denial, no apology, no shame.

Please join us in demanding that SUBWAY immediately halt its anti-American propaganda scheme overseas. Call SUBWAY CEO Fred DeLuca today! Urge him to stop his cynical advertising campaign against the United States. The phone number for Mr. DeLuca at Subway’s Executive Offices in Connecticut is 800-888-4848, ext. 1401.

I also want to encourage you to write letters to the editor of your local newspapers condemning SUBWAY for its anti-American marketing scheme. And to make this campaign successful, it’s critical that you help spread the word by forwarding this call to action to your friends and family.

We need your help. Let SUBWAY know that Americans refuse to tolerate their shameless gambit. Take Action NOW!


Jeff Mazzella

Executive Director

Center for Individual Freedom


Translation of Subway Tray-liner–Germany

Michael Moore quote:

“The only time I have been scared/frightened for my life has been going through a McDonald’s drive-thru.”

Trayliner text:

Why are Americans so fat?

In the Michael Moore tradition, New York filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does some deep questioning and self experiments for 30 days on products from the world’s largest fast food company.

Astounding revelations…scary liver levels and horrifying blood levels that would cause any doctor the highest degree of alarm.

In this top satire, which won the prize for best direction from Sundance 2004, Spurlock explores the questions of responsibility between big business and consumers, and the big money which contributes to this “Fast Food” culture, and how to make Americans healthy again. An ironic hit into the stomach that is enriched by fat and facts behind this dubious mega industry.

Passage near Statue of Liberty:

You care about what you eat and everything isn’t equal? Then you shouldn’t miss this film about foolish intake. It will open your eyes.

This is “attacking Americans in a time of war.”

What this REALLY is, is flat-out intimidation. It looks to me like Subway’s check was late and they’re being made an example of. Seriously, there are probably meetings going on between the organization putting out this letter and Subway management, looking for a $500,000 contribution.