Another Valerie Plame

A second reason to get a day pass from Salon, another article by Timothy Grieve about Another Valerie Plame:
The former CIA officer has filed a lawsuit based on retaliation for reporting “that Iraq had abandoned its uranium enrichment program.”

While the officer didn’t find himself outed in Robert Novak’s column, he says he has suffered other forms of retribution from those above him. As the Times reports, he says in his lawsuit that he became the subject of a counterintelligence investigation and was accused of having sex with a female contact and keeping for himself money that was supposed to have been used to pay informants. He denies those allegations, the Times says.

The Benedict Arnolds in the Bush Crime Family care only about personal power. Love of country is not even a factor in their crass political calculus.
[Update: link to Salon article fixed thanks to granny insanity. Since you already have a Salon day pass, stop back to The War Room for their updates on how Novak brought Jeff Gannon back into the picture.]

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