Another Republican Vote-Suppression Scam

Get this one — getting voter registration lists, and sending “change of address cards” for the Democrats on the list.

[lbo-talk] Old, old way to steal an election

“Apparently there are groups out there who buy copies of the voter

registration rolls, then send in new registrations for registered

voters giving them a new address. It’s really a more sophisticated

version of the whole thing with the felony lists in Florida in the

last election – however, people aren’t being REMOVED from the voting

rolls, and hence there’s no red flag being raised. After all, people

DO move and send in change of address, so there’s no reason for them

to suspect voter fraud. And there’s really no way to trace this, so

there’s really no way to detect this. But in effect what it means is

voters are removed from the rolls – after all, if you’re unknowingly

registered in another precinct, how can you vote at yours?

[. . .] By the way, I’ll just say that I think it’s significant that I happen

to live in a largely minority, heavily Democratic district in a swing

state. You can draw your own conclusions from that.”

Surprised? WHY?