Another Republican Smear Circulating — Dean An Abortionist

I really didn’t mean for this to be Howard Dean Smear Day (previously today this and this), but I keep coming across things … like this, Is Dean An Abortionist?:

“But there is one area of the Dean bio that we find of particular interest, his medical degree. [. . .] Unlike many medical professionals – even former ones – Dean has a particularly strong affinity for that most controversial of medical procedures – abortion.

Listening to him in front of a women’s audience you would think abortion was his middle name.

It’s not surprising, really – Howard Dean served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England for five years. Planned Parenthood has made well over a billion dollars, profiteering on infanticide and members of the organization can be counted as among his strongest supporters. “

or … Dean’s Planned Parenthood Ties Raise Questions About Abortion (a right-wing Christian site)

“The clinic where Dean interned and later worked as a contract physician began performing abortions in 1982, Silver said. It is unclear when Dean’s work as a contract physician for Planned Parenthood ended.

While Dean has denied ever performing an abortion, one of his past opponents in the race for governor, Republican Ruth Dwyer, believes the Democratic presidential candidate may not be completely forthcoming.”

and this, Dr. Dean the Abortionist, and this at Heritage’s TownHall, A Dean’s list of questions,

“And speaking of controversial issues, is the Democratic Party ready to unite behind a leader who, as a med student, performed his OB-GYN rotation at a Planned Parenthood clinic? Vermont magazine reported on this in 1998, adding: “While he has never performed an abortion himself, he is strongly pro-choice and certainly understands the medical procedures involved.” Which must rate as the medical equivalent of not inhaling.”

or this at National Right to Life, A Closer Look at Howard Dean, or this at,

“Dean, who is viewed by some as the most pro-abortion presidential candidate because of the stint he performed at Planned Parenthood during medical school…”

or this at, His record erodes trust,

“The only plausible explanation is that he is a political opportunist, saying and doing anything to curry the favor of some voters. It becomes clear that Gov. Dean does not believe in the dignity and sanctity of innocent human life, so how could he be trusted with deciding the destiny of people?”

It is going to be a nasty campaign. The Bush family pattern is to stay above the fray while his campaign circulates the absolute nastiest character assassination imaginable. A year before the election and they are already saturating the country with rumors of every nasty accusation… and it doesn’t matter how ridiculous each one is, they add up.

Is Bush going to be able to get away with this? Remember what they did to Clinton? They just made up story after story, accusation after accusation. Remember the stories about Vince Foster? Remember the stories about all the people Clinton had murdered in Arkansas? Remember the stories about crack pipes and dildos on the White House Christmas tree? THIS is what is going to happen, and after enough of it, people are just so disgusted and fed up… How many times have you heard reasonable people refer back to “the Clinton Scandals” as if there actually WERE any?! And after this, Bush runs for the White House on a theme of “restoring honor and integrity to the White House!” The nastiest, vilest, most disgusting lies were circulated — and the ones responsible, like Ted Olson, were rewarded. Olson is now the Solicitor General of the United States! THIS is how Bush responded to that filth, using it to win the White House and rewarding the purveyors. The Republicans circulate that crap and then when the public environment is so polluted by it that the public is disgusted and turned off they USE IT to take over the government!

We just can’t let them get away with it again. We just can’t let this kind of tactic work for them. It demeans us all.