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“Thursday, September 26, 2002 Getting Rolled

Sir, you said it all right there. Plain, simple language that any thoughtful person can read and understand. Thank you very much. I don’t think there’s the slightest bit of hope for “progressives” in the next 50-100 years other than to find another country to call home, but thanks for having the wisdom to write this and the courage to post it. I’ll pass it on – XXXX

Dear XXXX,

I don’t agree with you on that. There’s a simple solution – do what they do. I’m talking about building up a network of “think tanks” etc, that work together, and reach the public with a coordinated “communications engine.” This is why I’m always pushing people to understand how the right is making all of this happen for them – so that eventually people will suddenly say, “Duh!, Why aren’t WE doing that, too?” It took time, but we have the advantage of using what they have built up as a model – they’ve been through 30 years of trial-and-error. Also we have the advantage of having the truth on our side. WE aren’t trying to convince blue-collar workers to give up their health care and pensions so that rich white guys can have bigger private jets – THEY are. So our task is not monumental.

It can be done. The money exists on our side; there are huge amounts of money for environmental groups, etc., not to mention the amounts that the Democratic and Green Parties have been able to raise every 2 years. Add to that moderate Republicans – even they are under attack from the right now and an appeal to them to join up could bring needed resources. (Check here, here, here and here.)

And there are already a number of great organizations on our side. The research I’ve been doing is looking at the right, but I’ll be researching and publishing what does exist on the moderate/progressive side. But what is missing is the coordination – the right actually has weekly coordination meetings – and the awareness that we need to work to build a “movement” just like the right has done since the early 70’s.