Another Part of their Strategy

I’ve been noticing that the Republicans have another strategy working. When the Democrats propose ANYTHING, they put together a package that wipes out something important to people, NAME IT the same as what the Democrats proposed, and then hammer the Democrats by saying, “But you proposed it in the first place!”

The rebate portion of the tax cuts was proposed by Democrats. Bush took it over, used it to hammer through the huge tax cuts for the rich, then even mailed out a campaign letter to the public announcing “his” tax rebates, and then the actual checks had the slogan of the Bush 2000 campaign printed on them!

The Fatherland Security was proposed by Democrats and Bush resisted. Then the Republicans put together a package of union-busting legislation AND used it to get rid of any threat of an independent investigation into 9/11. They hammered the Democrats with this all through the election.

The Iraq vote was a little more tricky than that. By announcing they would proceed to war without asking the Congress, they provoked Democrats (and others) into demanding a vote. So when they demanded the vote as part of the election campaign, they could hammer Democrats, saying they asked for it in the first place. Of course, the whole thing was a plan to get it placed in the election campaign.

It seems like the Democratic leadership just won’t ever figure out that these Republicans are not the least bit interested in working with anyone else. ANY time they try to “work with” the Republicans they get hammered. The Republicans aren’t even interested in governing. Only in accumulating power. How many times will Lucy have to pull away the football?