Another Open Letter Blog – Addressing Washington Post

I hope you visited Open Letter to Chris Matthews. Now you can visit Open Letter to the Washington Post
And from the blog, some news:

Today, the will have a live event to talk about how comments should have been handled and could be handled in the future, if and when the Post decides to bring that function back online. They’ve entitled the event: “Panel: Ethics and Interactivity.”
The event will be “moderated,” with readers asked to send in questions before it begins, which started yesterday.
JANE HAMSHER [firedoglake blog] will be participating in the Post event, which begins at 10:00 a.m./Pacific, but she’ll be at a different location. Comments received on firedoglake will be not be subject to a moderator. It will be free speech in action.

So go visit firedoglake and leave a comment.