Another One Coming

Some of us feel good about that recent story where the soldier asked Rumsfeld a tough question. We might think it was good that the problem of lack of armor for the National Guard troops came to light. Well that isn’t how it is playing in Peoria. The Right is turning this into a story of the liberal media “setting up Rummy,” as part of a plot to undermine the war effort, and generally committing treason just by existing.

Really, more of us need to listen to Limbaugh and read the right-wing news.

Rumsfeld Set Up by Reporter; Liberals Lament Lack of Deaths in Iraq


Update – The story is getting bigger. CNN just talked about how sinister it was that the soldier “had professional help” and was “coached” and how some are “defending” the reporter. One “expert” talked about how it wasn’t “disclosed” to Rumsfeld that a reporter was “behind” the question, and “hiding behind someone else to ask” questions.

Right-wing storm coming. Watch your backs.