Another Corporate Crime – Little Discussed

This is about crime.
Labor Blog: Anti-Unionism is the Date Rape of Corporate Crime,

Even most liberals deny anti-union crime is widespread or deny that it’s even a serious crime at all and anyways the folks doing it are such swell people, we can’t expect us to like treat them like criminals, do you? If unions have been decimated in American workplaces, it’s must really be their fault– they must have been asking for it.

[. . .] As this study highlights, a typical union organizing drive starts with a majority of workers signing cards in support of having a union. Yet in the course of the elections, corporations embark on full-scale illegal assault on their workforce:
# 30% of employers fire pro-union workers.
# 49% of employers threaten to close a worksite when workers try to form a union.
# 51% of employers coerce workers into opposing unions with selective bribery or favoritism.

All of these are illegal. They are crimes. And they have costs – loss of health care, pensions, lower pay, less vacation time, longer hours…
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