Another Bush Whopper – Will Lack of Credibility Lead to War?

In last night’s press conference, Bush said this about Korea, “We’ve tried bilateral negotiations with North Korea. My predecessor in a good-faith effort entered into a framework agreement. The United States honored its side of the agreement; North Korea didn’t. While we felt the agreement was enforced, North Korea was enriching uranium.”

No, North Korea was NOT enriching uranium. The current problem with North Korea is about PLUTONIUM. There is a difference between plutonium and uranium, and how you obtain enough of each for bomb-making. Yes, North Korea had started new efforts to BUILD THE CAPACITY to enrich uranium, but this is NOT the cause of the current crisis. The problem with North Korea is that AFTER Bush sabotaged their negotiations with South Korea, and then insulted their leader (“pygmie”) and then made it clear the U.S. intends to attack them after Iraq (“axis of evil”), THEN the North Koreans REstarted their PLUTONIUM bomb-making capability, which Clinton had worked out a deal to STOP, (and it STAYED stopped until this happened.)

Was this just a lie — another attempt to trick the public into blaming Clinton? Or, worse, does Bush just NOT KNOW the difference between plutonium and uranium? I can understand that a guy who says “nuc-u-lar” might not understand, but what about his genius team of advisors? Well, these are the same advisors who let him go out and say “nuc-u-lar” in public. Obviously they’ve done polling and focus groups that show this pronunciation helps him get votes. So is his crack team of advisors more concerned about scoring domestic political points than about the impact of his statements on the rest of the world?

Making this kind of statement about Korea might help them trick the public into blaming Clinton, but it could also lead to war. Of course, if it works, and the public blames Clinton, then maybe allowing it to escalate into war would be good for Bush’s re-election possibilities.

Is General Rove capable of triggering a war to win re-election? I think the fact that this question is on the minds of so many people in the world right now says it all. Maybe this is what’s going on, maybe not. No one is really sure. No one thinks the Bush administration tells the truth. It’s instructive to note that even the supporters of Bush’s Iraq war have their theories about the real reasons the administration is pursuing this. They also don’t accept Bush’s stated reasons. They accept and appreciate that he lies to trick the public. Wink, wink, nod, nod – go ahead as long as it furthers our agenda…

My point is that this administration’s credibility is gone, and this is what is most dangerous.