I haven’t made my name public here and use “Issuesguy” because I first named this weblog “I Have Issues,” and because the way the Blogger software works I needed a name to use. (I would have changed it to “Forestguy” if I could figure out how to do it without adding another team member.)

I want this to be a weblog ABOUT, not a weblog BY. I think I have some good reasons for that. First and foremost this focuses criticism to content. I mean this limits a critic’s ability to attack the content by attacking & attempting to discredit the author – a favored right-wing technique. If you don’t know who the author is you’re stuck with having to look at the content and argue with that. Too bad.

I’m not saying that I expect to be writing anything worthy of right-wingers taking note. My second reason is more that this is NOT an ego-based endeavor so why put my name on it.

And my third reason is that I have been discussing politics online since way back when I was getting HUGE bills from CompuServe, and I’ve received plenty enough nasty e-mail and threats, it is jarring every single time and can ruin a day. It seems less jarring when it isn’t addressed to your very own personal e-mail account.