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the american street

We Are The Street Where You Live

by Kevin Hayden

Welcome to The American Street. Ours is not the typical street gang. Our neighborhood is larger.

Our gang is spread out from coast to coast. We come from many regions, from city streets and country roads, from every economic class. We are blue-collar, white-collar, self-employed and unemployed.

We are single, married and divorced. We have children and are childless. We attend church and we don’t. We have advanced degrees, college and high school educations, and have dropped out of high school. We work, we play, we cry, we laugh, we love, we get angry and we work things out.

We love America. We love its freedoms and ideals, its achievements and possibilities. We live and breathe the American Dream and refuse to surrender it to anyone.

We might live in your neighborhood. Our hopes and dreams and fears and beliefs are likely not much different than yours. We are The American Street. Our opinions matter as much as yours, no more and no less.

We believe America can do better. Let’s talk about how.

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Go have a read, and return often. There will be new posts through each day, and there will be different people posting through the week.