Angelina Jolie at CGI

I just attended a press conference where Angelina Jolie announced a significant initiative to help educate children in conflict areas.  This will be discussed at the afternoon plenary session that begins soon.  The project was founded by Jolie and Gene Sperling.
The announcement is the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.  It brings together eighteen commitments to reach a total of one million "children in conflict, post-conflict refugee and emergency situations."  This includes placing 350,000 out-of-school chindren in schools, and "improving the learning environment, safety, materials and teacher quality for another 650,000 students-including 200,000 Iraqi refugees and 300,000 children affected by the crisis in Darfur." 
The dollar amount of this project is $148 million.  I’ll post more information and links to details as it becomes available.
A couple of photos from the press conference:

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