An IM Conversation

Him: what about the promised stuff about the convention!!!!!?????????????

Me: that’s so last week…

Him: then blogging failed at the convention

Me: I’m joking

Him: everybody’s been saying: “see, i dont have no stinking deadline, so i’ll write a great piece later, and you’ll all love it”

Him: so now it’s like last week.

Him: you guys are even worse than the pros.

Him: at least they write some shit.

Me: I just f*****g woke up. Got home late, just woke up

Him: you just promise to right something good and then don’t even write SH*T?

Him: i didn’t say you had to do it now.

Him: you just sadi you weren’t goinbg to do it AT ALL.

Me: I also said I was joking