An IM Conversation This Morning

A conversation on IM this morning. (Exactly as typed, except where I edited it to make me look better — and literate.)

tendentious: you’re not a liberal, you’re a pansy!

forest: what?

tendentious: something a caller to mike malloy said.

forest: \oh

tendentious: not about mike.

tendentious: about YOU

forest: This is the core of the conclusions of the book Moral Politics by George Lakoff, examining the metaphores that liberals and conservatives use in their internal cognitive processes of how they see the country

tendentious: that you’re a pansy?

forest: Conservatives use “strick father family” metaphore for the country. Liberals use “nurturing parent family” metaphores

tendentious: right. you’re a pansy!

forest: They believe this is the best kind of family and use that as a metaphore for how the country should be run

tendentious: you should post this conversation

forest: you should blow me

tendentious: shut up shut up shut up

forest: blow me blow me blow me

tendentious: liberal vs conservative!

forest: in that case it’s spank me spank me spank me

forest: nurture me nurture me nurture me

tendentious: debate in 14 minutes

tendentious: on cspan

forest: I’m watching it on tape right now.

forest: I’m not happy with any of them but Dean.

tendentious: well, yeah. what about the darling of the left, kucinich?

forest: he’s OK

forest: and sharpton, actualy

tendentious: i think sharpton should be the press guy for the democratic nominee!

forest: I need you to tell me if it’s going to rain

tendentious: ok, i’m a liberal, “it’s going to rain”

Yeah, that’s where my time goes.