An E-mail I’m Sending Out

Here is an e-mail I am sending out to friends who I know forward things like this:

Please forward this.

I have found that people who get their news from “alternative” sites on the Internet are so much better informed about what’s going on in the world and the country than people who rely on newspapers and TV news.

You might agree with me that the information that most Americans receive comes from a rightist to centrist corporate perspective. Example – when is the last time you saw a labor leader interviewed on TV, talking about why people should join unions? This is because you wouldn’t expect a corporate-controlled news source to give people information about the advantages of joining unions, and they don’t.

20 years ago the right believed they had a similar problem with media access for their message. What they did was to set up their own channels of communication – starting with speeches broadcast on C-SPAN, and then talk radio. The was ability to widely distribute information from their perspective is part of what led to their success.

Progressives and moderates need a central place where they can get information from a progressive/moderate perspective. I suggest that we start by visiting the news website BuzzFlash. I’ve looked around, and BuzzFlash offers the best daily roundup of news from a variety of sources. I am not associated with BuzzFlash in any way. BuzzFlash is located on the web at

Common Dreams - and AlterNet – – are other good sites, but not as news-intensive as BuzzFlash.

There is also a new phenomenon called “weblogs”, or “blogs” for short. These are “diaries” where people post information and opinion, and many of them are very good. To discover these weblogs, visit The Lefty Directory at Some good professional weblogs are Tapped at, and Altercation at

So I recommend checking in at BuzzFlash every day, and also discovering the world of weblogs. Try it for a few days, and you will see that there is a whole other world of information available. I also recommend letting as many others as possible know about this problem and why they should check a site like BuzzFlash every day.

If you have made your way to this weblog, you are likely a well-informed person who gets a lot of info from the web. And you know there is a difference in the information you get on the web from the info that most people are getting. We need to make an effort to grow the number of people visiting progressive/moderate news-sites and weblogs. So I recommend telling people to check in at BuzzFlash every day, and helping others discover the world of weblogs. Feel free to copy the above letter and using it as a base for a letter you send to others.