The Republicans are going with “bipartisan scandal” and “everybody does it.” Which comes down to “don’t vote.”
Here is some ammunition. In this list of Abramoff’s political donations there is not a single Democrat: NEWSMEAT – Jack Abramoff’s federal campaign contributions.
AMERICAblog has more, “That’s 229 donations and not a DIME to Democrats.” And,

I just counted, and I think this list of GOP donors and organizations is around 15 feet long. Someone on our side REALLY needs to print out this list and get in front of a camera. Hell, every single one of our pundits should have this list with them on TV and just roll it out on the table.

This is entirely a REPUBLICAN scandal, folks.

Also indicted a while back was David Safavian the Bush administration’s top federal procurement official, working in the White House. Karl Rove’s assistant Susan Ralston was previously Abramoff’s assistant. And Bush blocked a prosecutor from looking into Abramoff in 2002.
UpdateBob Geiger has more.

3 thoughts on “Ammunition

  1. Awesome news Dave.
    The L.A. Times has extensive coverage. Starting with Lobbying Plan Was Central to GOP’s Political Strategy: Abramoff was key to the ‘K Street Project,’ designed to extend the party’s influence. Changes are urged to avoid ‘huge black eye.’ and an Abramoff profile, Abramhoff Reached Beyond The Limits.
    The Times also has a big picture story, The Heat Is Now on Ohio Rep. Ney: The Republican denies having received favors from Abramoff, but he could face indictment.
    I sense a media feeding frenzy heading the GOP’s way. Bush has two more years and I do believe the M$M is fed up with Scotty’s Pillsbury Dough Boy act and Bush’s “I don’t comment on an ongoing investigation” ploy.

  2. ‘This is entirely a REPUBLICAN scandal, folks.’ Too true, Dave! Let’s hope at least some media outlets report it as such ..

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