Americans Don’t Trust Bush – It’s Their Fault, Not Bush’s

The government leaked news of a plot to bomb a tunnel and flood New York. This time the President and the right-wing chorus are not calling for the execution of the leakers.
It turns out the suspects were arrested months ago, and the news leak held for the beginning of Bush’s new PR effort to try to bring up his poll numbers.

No, it’s not a change in policy. It’s a new media strategy.

So it might or might not be for real. The problem is that Bush’s credibility is so low that half of Americans just don’t believe anything he says. Of course, that’s their fault, not Bush’s.

1 thought on “Americans Don’t Trust Bush – It’s Their Fault, Not Bush’s

  1. The big terrorist plot as announced was really a big joke, but later it became not quite so funny. They say they got the computer of the guy they claim was the leader, and on the computer was a detailed plan, not to blow up the Holland tunnel, but plans for the tunnels the subways use to cross the Hudson. There’s a train between New Jersey and NYC called the PATH line. This is a commuter train that starts at 34th St., has a branch that goes down to the WTC, and then across the Hudson from right here where I live to various cities in NJ. It was knocked out on 9/11 and was out of commission for almost a year afterwards. There are three main ways to commute from NJ to the city; car, the Staten Island ferry, which is slow, and the PATH train. Those who don’t want to drive rely heavily on the PATH train. Rather than drive to Staten Island to catch the ferry, they’ll park at whichever PATH station is most convenient for them and take the train. It’s much cheaper than taking New York’s subways, or driving and paying tolls, too. So when it was knocked out for so long, a lot of new, small ferry lines started up between NJ and the city. Most of these lines still exist even though the train’s been running again for years now.
    The PATH train uses a very old, narrow tunnel across the Hudson, well to the north of the Holland tunnel. The building that houses the air vents on this side of the river is right across the street from my place. The tunnel runs right under these
    buildings, over to the PATH station on Christopher St. It’s much closer to the surface than the Holland tunnel, and from Christopher St. down just past the WTC site, it’s landfill, not granite. The plan was to put 12 suicide bombers on one PATH train and have them all blow up at the same time. This just might have blown through the tunnel, and if it had, the odds are high that this area WOULD flood. It wouldn’t affect the financial district, but it sure would affect me! There’s been an awful
    lot of security at the PATH stations on this side ever since the train reopened, and I assume that’s been true on the NJ side, too. The train’s had limited hours and the security’s been so unpleasant that, even though it’s cheaper to take it to go to midtown (it stops right near Macy’s) I haven’t used it at all. Security starts on the pavement outside the station. You can’t even go down to the trains without being scrutinized at rush hour. Before 9/11 there wasn’t even a clerk in this station. The NYPD’s saying it knew about this plan all along, and I don’t know
    whether this is true or whether they just took it for granted that the PATH line would be a likely target. If they did know this, why has it taken so long for the Feds to take any action? You know, it’s terrible that there’s so much propaganda for political purposes that you can’t trust a damned thing they say!

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