American Media and Hersh’s speech to the ACLU re: sodomized child prisoners in Iraq.

I wss going to post this as a comment on the “Something Is Wrong” item, but it turned into something more comprehensive. Something IS wrong. Very wrong… the total and complete silence of the U.S. news media, AT EVERY LEVEL, from the local paper and TV news, up to the networks and national papers. No one in the media appears willing (or able) to break the silence on major events, ANYWHERE. No one (except progressive/independent news media who source international publications – which is where I found out about the alleged summary execution of prisoners by the Iraqi Prime Minister).

Why is it that, today, a search on Google News for Seymour Hersh reveals ONE major publication has mentioned it on their web site… the Washington Times, for God’s sake! And probably not intentionally and not in print, at that (it appears via the UPI breaking news section). Add the ACLU as a modifier, and even that disappears!

The article in question only re-emphasizes the bizarre nature of this phenomenon – it is datalined Baghdad, Iraq and cites as the source and doesn’t even mention that he made the speech before the ACLU! This for a speech made before a nationally prominent and credible organization in the United States for which video has been made available over the ‘net, and which has been widely publicized via via, and in the blogosphere. Why did they need Al-Jazeera to break the story for them?

The Dallas-Fort Worth Star Telegram ran a feature article (in the Living section) on Hersh’s return to prominence, on July 18th, and mentioned NOTHING about his speech before the ACLU or what it revealed. NOTHING.

How can this be? No journalist or editor, anywhere, in the entire United States, feels this is worth commenting on? Is EVERY local paper corporate owned? Are there no iconoclasts left in the entire American media ownership or editorial structure?

The summary execution story STILL has yet to really break in the U.S. Google News reveals that Bloomberg has covered it (via Australian reporters), and apparently UPI (via Australian reporters) has also picked it up (ironically enough, once again, it appears first in the U.S. media via the UPI breaking news section of the Washington Times web site), but this has resulted in exactly ONE article in a U.S. paper (as least as far as I can tell) – the Philadelphia Daily News.

Again, I ask: How can this be? No one in the U.S. media is willing to take the risk to “break” either of these stories? What happened to the capitalist being willing to sell you the rope to hang him, if he can make money?

Postscript: I just discovered that Newsweek references the summary execution story briefly in their latest issue… and then asks the wrong question: had he killed anyone SINCE taking office? (the alleged executions happened 1 week before he assumed office). And they play the story as one of a series of rumors, and even quote unnamed U.S. officials as saying they believe the stories are planted by Allawi himself as a P.R. tactic aimed at the Iraqi people’s desire for security.

Update: William Rivers Pitt of (hallelujah for him, and a big raspberry to the DMCA and copyright fascism) has an editorial on the absence of coverage of this story… it ends this way:

“Where is the American news media? Where are the pictures? Who is responsible for this abomination? Torturing children in the name of freedom? Is this what we have become?”

I have these same questions, myself, and no answers.

Thomas Leavitt