American Manufacturing

I am at the America’s Future Now conference in DC (formerly Take Back America). I had a conversation today with people from the Alliance for American Manufacturing. This is an alliance of companies that make things in America, and the United steelworkers union. They have an interest in making things in America, and I’ll likely be writing about this more and more.
The owner of a company that makes wind turbines for generating electricity talked about a wind farm his company is helping build. They need a special transformer — and we don’t make them in America anymore. So they have to go on a 52-week waiting list to get the transformer. This is just one example of the cost to us of giving away our manufacturing capabilities.
This loss of manufacturing capabilities comes from the increasing dominance of our economy by financial firms. They buy companies, strip things that have “costs,” like pensions, and outsource what they can, then sell the company to the next financial firm.
More coming.