American Dream Movement And Contract Alive And Well And ACTIVE

Have you heard any news in the major corporate media about the Contract For The American Dream, from The American Dream Movement? Probably not. And this means you probably didn’t know there were over 400 protests in 32 different states against 85 members of Congress during the August Congressional recess. Or that the Contract has already been signed by more than 295,000 people. (The Campaign for America’s Future is teaming up with Van Jones’ “Rebuild The Dream” organization to put on the Take Back the American Dream Conference October 3-5 in Washington, DC.)
Equal Time
When President Obama gave his State of the Union address, CNN aired a “Tea Party Response” from Michelle Bachmann’s. Click here to ask CNN to air the American Dream Movement’s progressive response to the president’s major jobs speech on Thursday. The response should come from more than just one side of the political spectrum.
The Contract
The Contract for the American Dream consists of 10 critical steps to get our economy back on track: (Please click through for details, to learn how the Contract was put together, and for ways to sign up and help.)

    I. Invest in America’s Infrastructure
    II. Create 21st Century Energy Jobs
    III. Invest in Public Education
    IV. Offer Medicare for All
    V. Make Work Pay
    VI. Secure Social Security
    VII. Return to Fairer Tax Rates
    VIII. End the Wars and Invest at Home
    IX. Tax Wall Street Speculation
    X. Strengthen Democracy

The Conference
The Take Back The American Dream conference will be held in Washington DC, October 3-4.

Actions Around The Country
Watch this video:

Local Coverage
While virtually ignored by the national, corporate-owned media, these actions have received plenty of local coverage. Here is a sampling:

**Nearly 100 protest McCotter’s office over proposal to cut jobs – Rep. Thad McCotter (MI-11)

**Critz: Bipartisan effort needed to create jobs – Rep. Mark Critz (PA-12)

**Bass comes under fire at his Nashua town meeting – Rep. Charlie Bass (NH-02)

**Video: Protest outside Rep. King’s office – Rep. Steve King (IA-05)

**In Irondequoit, motorcyclists say to Buerkle: ‘Jobs, not cuts’ – Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)

**Protesters ask U.S. Rep. Charlie Dent to help in job creation – Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15)

**Jobs protesters stage rally at Altmire’s office – Rep. Jason Altmire (PA-04)

**Unemployed Workers Deliver Message To Kinzinger: We Want Jobs! – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)

**Protesters target Corker’s office – Sen. Bob Corker

Unemployed in Joliet march at Kinzinger’s office – Rep. Adam Kinzinger (IL-11)

Dozens gather in Irondequoit to call for job creation – Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)

Protesters march outside Marino’s office – Rep. Tom Marino (PA-10)

Protestors rally for Iowa job creation (IA-03)

Protestors, pink pig outside Capito’s office – Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (WV-02)

Dent hears constituents’ fears first hand – Rep. Charlie Dent (PA-15)

Puebloans: Where Are the Jobs?

Dozens Protest Outside Senator Bob Corker’s Office – Sen. Bob Corker

Johnson Skips Shouting Match with Pickets – Rep Bill Johnson (OH-06)

Wisconsin Group Asks Congressman Paul Ryan, “Where’s the jobs?” – Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01)

“Where’s the American Dream” asks Protesters – Rep. Frank Wolf (VA-10)

Protesters take fight over Medicare, budget to Canseco – Rep. Francisco Canseco (TX-23)

Groups protest McMorris-Rodgers with soup line – Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (WA-05)

Crowd of 200 chants ‘jobs for all’ – Rep. Dave Reichert (WA-08)

Rep. Steve Chabot Quiets Questioners – Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01)

Citizens group to challenge Black on lack of ‘good jobs’ – Rep. Diane Black (TN-06)

Johnson: Asking about jobs just like protestors – Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-06)

At Town Hall, GOP Rep. Hultgren Can’t Explain How Bush Tax Cuts Created Jobs – Rep. Randy Hultgren (IL-14)

Lungren Faces Hecklers at Town Hall – Rep. Dan Lungren (CA-03)

Runyan fields questions in Berkeley on jobs, economy and entitlements – Rep. Jon Runyan (NJ-03)

Protesters argue for restoring the ‘American Dream’ – Rep. Elton Gallegly (CA-24)

Protesters: We Want Jobs, Not Cuts – Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50)

Jobs protest held outside Rep. Hayworth’s office in WC – Rep. Nan Hayworth (NY-19)

Protesters Push Boehner On Jobs – House Speaker John Boehner (OH-08)

Protesters meet Congressman Paul Ryan at Kenosha luncheon – Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01)

Liberal activists protest Congressman Allen West – Rep. Allen West (FL-22)

Hundred Protest Outside Denham’s Office “We Need Jobs” – Rep. Jeff Denham (CA-19)

Small Group Protests ‘Lack of Jobs’ at Barletta Appearance – Rep. Lou Barletta (PA-11)

Demonstrators urge Cravaack to back their ‘contract’ – Rep. Chip Cravaack (MN-08)

Organizing for budget battle – Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25)

Voters voice anger at Cory Gardner town hall meeting – Rep. Cory Gardner (CO-04)

Rally for job: Local progressive leaders tout “Contract for the American Dream” – Rep. Heath Shuler (NC-11)

Protest Over Jobs, Economy at Chabot’s Office – Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01)

MoveOn Gwinnett Rallies Outside Woodall’s Office – Rep. Rob Woodall (GA-07)

Protesters rally at Harris office – Rep. Andy Harris (MD-01)

Jobs protest outside Amash’s office – Rep. Justin Amash (MI-03)

Demonstrators rally outside Rep. Michael Grimm’s New Dorp office – Rep. Michael Grimm (NY-13)

Group protests budget cuts – Rep. Mike Conway (TX-11)

Local MoveOn Members Rally for Jobs at Honda’s Office – Rep. Mike Honda (CA-15)

Police called after 150-plus crowd protests at Bill Huizenga’s Muskegon office – Rep. Bill Huizenga (MI-02)

Employment Protest – Rep. Bill Shuster (PA-09)

Group holds afternoon protest outside U.S. Rep Frank LoBiondo’s Mays Landing office – Rep. Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02)

Protests held at Wolf’s city office – Rep. Frank Wolf (VA-10)

Congressman Fred Upton faces disruptive crowd during senior issues forum – Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06)

Rally at congressman’s office focuses on need to create jobs – Rep. Glenn Thompson (PA-05)

Group protests outside congresswoman’s office – Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18)

Protest asks Lewis about jobs, education – Rep. Jerry Lewis (CA-42)

MoveOn group rallies for job creation in Stamford – Rep. Jim Hines (CT-04)

Upset over unemployment, protesters picket Wilson’s Beaufort office – Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-02)

Protests outside office – Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-21)

Protesters rally outside Blackburn’s Franklin office – Rep. Marsha Blackburn (TN-07)

Unemployed protest outside Fitzpatrick’s office – Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08)

Capitol protest on debt-limit cuts from the left – Rep. Rick Larsen (WA-02)

Activists cite ‘jobs crisis’ outside Goodlatte’s Lynchburg office – Rep. Robert Goodlatte (VA-06)

Pearce talk draws fire in Silver – Rep. Steve Pearce (NM-02)

Protesters at Herger’s office in Redding decry lost jobs, cuts to budget – Rep. Wally Herger (CA-02)

Protesters demand answers from Ohio Representative Jim Renacci – Rep. Jim Renacci (OH-16)

Death March On Memorial Drive Mourning The Loss Of Jobs – Rep. John Culberson (TX-07)

Protesters rally for jobs outside Congressman Kelly’s Erie office – Rep. Mike Kelly (PA-03)

Union members protest at Johnson’s Ironton office – Rep. Bill Johnson (OH-06)

Congressman Steve Stivers’ Job Fair Draws Big Crowd, Protests Too – Rep. Steve Stivers (OH)

Unemployed workers protest at Pat Toomey’s Allentown office, call for job-creating legislation – Sen. Pat Toomey (PA)

Almost 200 Gather to Protest Lack of Jobs – Sen. John Cornyn (Texas)

Protesters demand jobs, not budget cuts from Sen. McConnell – Sen. Mitch McConnell (KY)

Coalition campaign will press Brown to hike taxes on wealthy – Sen. Scott Brown (MA)

Protesters Criticize Heller – Sen. Dean Heller (NV)

Senator McCain visit brings cheers and jeers – Sen. John McCain (AZ)

Udall pressed on jobs, recovery – Sen. Mark Udall (CO)

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