Amazing Timing

In my previous entry I wrote about the amazing timing of this drumbeat for war with Iraq. That got me thinking about the amazing timing of this year’s flurry of terrorist threat alerts. They amazingly seemed to happen whenever something was hitting the news that could hurt Bush politically. Remember? Remember the country being scared out of its wits, time after time?

And with the Padilla “dirty bomb” scare the timing become so amazing – reporting that he was arrested months after he really was arrested but just after some harmful political news – that mainstream reporters started writing about the amazing timing. And then the terrorist threats stopped! Another example of amazing timing. Just after the mainstream press started writing that the timing of the terrorist threats was amazing, the terrorist threats amazingly stopped. Amazing! The country seems to be cursed with terrible events – threats, wars – that occur with amazing timing that is in sync with Republican troubles … unless …. no, I couldn’t say something like THAT.