Amazing Luck – Big Class Action

With amazing luck and timing my laptop is starting to flake out. I leave tomorrow at 8am for Boston. Great, huh?

Here’s what it is – (yes this is leading to something.) Sony Vaio laptops have two memory slots. There’s the one that comes with memory installed, and a second slot. The second slot is cheap plastic and isn’t soldered well. So the laptop stopped recognizing my second ram bank, and got really slow. It’s hard to describe how slow Windows can get. (You can’t put more than 256mb in one slot.)

I had to have a PC to do my job, OK? Don’t start with me. My wife has a really nice new PowerBook. OK?

Anyway, I found that this is a common problem and one place I found suggested putting a piece of a CD over the memory card and closing the lid on it, so it pushes the card down and forces the contacts to contact. AND THAT WORKED – for a while. But for some reason that causes the screen to suddenly go black at random times. Which is no good.

Here’s where this is leading: I read in my search for answers one forum talked about a site called Big Class Action, where you can go see if your problem is subject to a class action suit, and can describe the problem so a lawyer can see if it SHOULD be subject to a class action suit! SO if you have a product problem, or a problem with a big company that might be something worthy of joining with others to go to court over, check out this site.

Other laptop problems – It keeps downloading Windows XP Service Pack 2 BETA, filling up the hard drive, and asking if I want to install it. I don’t. AND I have the setting for downloading updates turned off. After a lot of back-and-forth with MS tech support they said it was probably due to a virus. It isn’t. That’s the oldest tech support weenie answer in the book, so I gave up.

AND I just got a new “G” 108mb wireless card, but the configuration utility just beeps and won’t run. AND whenever I come back from standby or hibernation the only way I can get the wireless card to find the internet (it does connect to the transmitter) is to force it to disable and then re-enable…

AND now it ALWAYS does “checkdisk” when I restart.

For some reason it takes almost 10 minutes to boot up when I restart. And it won’t even finish unless I right-click on the desktop, which starts the hard drive spinning again and then something happens for a nother 2 or 3 minutes before I can do anything.

There must be 100 other quirks that I have found ritualistic and superstitious ways around just to get my work done. And this next week I have to sit and wait while it swaps things out to disk, because the computer won’t recognize more than 256mb, and Windows wants a LOT more than that.

Why did Microsoft have to crush BeOS? I know the answer, but jeeze.