Am I Against "Conservatives"?

Thanks to Digby (Dibgy! Dibgy! Dibgy!) I found this Mike Finley piece:

“But my enemy is not conservatism (which is rooted in wariness of human nature) but corporate radicalism (rooted in laissez-faire, let-it-rip economics) – what was called fascism just before Hitler confused the term – government that works hand in glove with select large corporations, with amassed wealth. Our current government is ‘fascist’ in the 1920s Italian sense of the word. It is a radical form of assisting the wealthy to increase and maintain economic power. This is not a good thing. It seeks to undermine democracy and turn the nation into a ‘market’ and nothing more.

Billionaires, who understand the danger of wealth imbalance to society’s fabric — oppose this regime – Gates, Buffett, Allen, Soros, McCartney. ‘Mere’ millionaires, who are still glorying in their tax reductions, love it.

Evangelical Christians, whom I love (I voted for two of them, Clinton once and Carter twice), have sold their virtue to the radical elements of the fascist neo-conservative movement. In return for a couple of dinky maneuvers – anti-gay marriage amendment (which will fail), and anti-partial birth abortion law (which has already been declared unconstitutional) – they get in bed with the devil. I say shame on them – they are hiding behind their innocence, which is a form of abdication of responsibility.

If the devil is alive today (and I believe he is) wouldn’t he tempt people every possible way? Including manipulating them to “vote for virtue” and keep the money class on top? Honesty: will one rich family forswear an abortion for their pregnant 14 year old daughter? No. The law is only for the poor and middle classes to obey. This is why I oppose it. My wife works in a poverty clinic, and it seems very wrong to her that our country wants to only allow the wealthy to get abortions.”

(Digby found it through Avedon Carol.)