Always Ignore their Words

Watching what they do, not what they say, I think this tends to confirm what I wrote before about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Bush: Tapping Emergency Oil Would Endanger U.S.:

Bush accused Democrats of playing politics with the rise in gasoline prices, saying that calls by some of them to tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would leave Americans more vulnerable if a terrorist attack were to occur.

“We will not play politics with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve,” Bush told reporters after a meeting with his Cabinet.

“The idea of emptying the Strategic Petroleum Reserve would put America in a dangerous position in the war on terror,” Bush said.

Now, this is obviously crap. Democrats are asking Bush to stop buying oil (using OUR Social Security money to do it) when it’s at the highest price ever, not to “tap the reserves.” The SPR currently stands at 659 million barrels, with a capacity of 700 million. The government is buying 170,000 barrels of oil each day, at a time of peak demand, driving prices even higher.

Watching what they DO, this is a crony deal, sending 170,000 barrels times $41 each day going from the government to Koch Supply & Trading, LP, a major funder of the Right.

Remember, aside from what they are SAYING, what they are DOING is refusing to stop BUYING MORE OIL at a time of peak demand, at the highest prices ever, when the reserve is just about full anyway.