Always Add the ‘Because’

I frequently say, Always add the ‘because.’ What I mean is, drive the point home, don’t make your listener guess. When you cite something bad that the conservatives do, add the “because” that ties it to core right-wing philosophy, and explain why it’s the philosophy that’s bad and led to the bad thing that is in the news. Make the deeper point — not just a complaint about the current event. For example, Republicans screwed up Katrina BECAUSE conservatives don’t believe in government, they believe in a “you’re on your own, dog-eat-dog, everyone out for themselves” philosophy that is not good for regular people. But progressives believe we’re all in this together and in watching out for and sticking up for each other.
This right-wing post makes my same point. They take a shocking incident, and then explain why you should TIE IT TO THE LARGER LESSON. This happened ‘BECAUSE.’ Cartoon Porn at Swarthmore College – The Right Angle @,

…The mistake conservatives too often make in denouncing incidents like this is to focus on the superficial and ignore the underlying philosophy. This sort of thing is gross, perverse, juvenile, and offensive, to be sure, and we can (and do) score rhetorical points with the general public by saying so. But if that is all we do, we will lose, as evidenced by the steady coarsening of our culture.
… The leaders of American culture no longer see anything wrong with sleeping around before marriage, getting divorced, having an abortion, getting remarried, and finally reproducing via in vitro fertilization at the age of 38 — making sure to screen the embryos for any potential problems before implantation. When that’s accepted, how can we possibly expect outrage over a few crude chalk cartoons? What there is can only arise from those who haven’t yet acquiesced to the implications of their beliefs.