Always Add the “Because”

One theme I like to drive home on this blog is “always add the because“. Always drive home the point in a way that leads the listener to do what you want. We want people to realize that progressive values and a progressive approach to issues – democracy and community – benefits them more than a conservative “you’re on your own” and “everyone out for themselves” approach.
After Katrina, I wrote in Always Add the “Because”

Yes, Bush appointed cronies. Yes, Bush’s administration wasn’t ready, etc. But — and here is the important thing — people added the word BECAUSE, and tied it all to something more fundamental. And this was effective. Bush wasn’t ready to respond to Katrina BECAUSE Republicans don’t believe in government. Bush appointed cronies BECAUSE Republicans don’t believe in government. People suffered and died after Katrina BECAUSE we need government and that is the primary thing government DOES.
See what I mean? When we are criticizing Republicans on narrow issues we should always tie our criticisms to make a point about how Progressive values are better than conservative values. We should learn to always drive the deeper point home. We should always be arguing that Progressive values are better for people than conservative values.

And I haven’t been doing that enough lately, have I? Have you?

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