Alterman on Neocons

Over at Altercation today:

“Remember absolutely everything they insisted would happen has not happened and/or never did happen.

There were no WMDs

There was no nuclear program

There was no connection to Al-Qaida or any other group of anti-American terrorists.

We were not welcomed as liberators; We were “welcomed” as infidel occupiers.

The occupation did not pay for itself; it is costing us hundreds of billions of dollars.

Saddam Hussein is more popular in Iraqi opinion polls than Ahmad Chalabi, who may be an Iranian spy, (and so, too, may be some of the Neocons themselves, but that;s another story).

America is more hated and reviled in the Arab world than any time in its history.

This Salon article lists twenty-one separate false Neocon assertions.”

Meanwhile half the population STILL thinks Iraq was responsible for 9/11 AND had WMD. Here’s a letter from today’s San Jose Mercury News:

“The service and sacrifice of our 1,000 brave soldiers killed in Iraq may well mean that the Mercury News never has to run this headline: “Terror attack hits San Jose: 100,000 dead.”

I think people need to believe that the Iraq war is justified because Iraq was responsible for terrorism, because the alternative is just too onstrous to believe. We invaded a coutnry that had NOT attacked us? And we did this even though we were already fighting a real war against those who DID attack us?

What will it mean to the country, the world, and democracy if Bush is able to win this election with a campaign that is entirely lies and tricks? The Republicans have ALREADY launched aggressive war and bankrupted the country – so what’s left? They almost certainly will turn the focus on you and me. Watch your backs.