Alterman and Springsteen: Problems?

Eric Alterman doesn’t like Deanies:

“Moreover, it’s kind of pathetic that so many people on the left become so tied into hero worship—Nader, Dean, Chomsky, (and dare I say it, Stalin)—that they feel a need to abuse anyone who does not share their wide-eyed admiration.”

Well, yeah, you did dare say that, Eric. You be scary when you be mad.

He explained himself the next day, though:

“Did I smear all or even a majority of Dean supporters? Did I compare Dean to Stalin? You get an “F” in reading comprehension for even asking either question.”

OK, fine, I’m probably not a Stalinist, but since I found the gratuitous Stalin reference highly annoying, I get an F in reading comprehension. I think I’ll take what’s behind the third door, Eric.

Eric needs to find another outlet. He doesn’t let on, but the restraining order Bruce Springsteen slapped on his sorry ass must have really hurt him.

Edit: I WAS JOKING! There was no restraining order!

(Edited for style.)