Almost $80 Million

Look how much your own government is spending on Bush’s re-election effort, and this is for just the ONE campaign that we know about! It adds up to almost $80 million leading up to the election to promote Bush’s Medicare bill to seniors! The ad campaign is being done by the Bush campaign’s own ad agency, which means they not only get the $$ for doing this campaign, but also the commission – $12 million – for placing the ads. Nice work, if you can get it — and you can’t.

U.S. Videos, for TV News, Come Under Scrutiny:

“Other documents suggest the scope of the publicity campaign: $12.6 million for advertising this winter, $18.5 million to publicize drug discount cards this spring, about $18.5 million this summer, $30 million for a year of beneficiary education starting this fall and $44 million starting in the fall of 2005.”