Allowing Release of Toxics!!!!!!!

EPA seeks to ease reporting of toxics,

WASHINGTON — The government wants to stop forcing companies to report small releases of toxic pollutants and allow them to submit reports on their pollution less frequently.
Saying it wants to ease its regulatory burden on companies, the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday proposed adopting a ”short form” that would excuse companies from disclosing spills and other releases of toxic substances if:
They say they release fewer than 5,000 pounds of a specific chemical. The current limit is 500 pounds.
[. . .] EPA said it also plans to ask Congress for permission to require the accounting every other year instead of annually. [emphasis added]

Just like what we have learned about FEMA, the EPA is probably staffed entirely with Republican Party campaign hacks who are pocketing money from companies seeking breaks.
Do any of the readers have children or care about your own health? Then you HAVE TO get involved in getting these people out of office!!

1 thought on “Allowing Release of Toxics!!!!!!!

  1. I think we’re going to find that Bush has been dismantling all the government agencies to the point of total inefficiency, and that this is now government policy. Not that any of the agencies are getting any smaller or cost less to run, either. Weren’t they going to test pesticides on kids? They just don’t believe in regulating ANYTHING.
    I’ve got an extra bit of information about FEMA. In the book “A Culture of Conspiracy” by Michael Barkun, he points out that FEMA has figured heavily in conspiracy theories about secret governments, the New World Order, and the Illuminati. FEMA was supposed to be part of the secret government and the New World Order, running concentration camps so secret nobody could find them, which only proved to the theorists how sinister and secret FEMA really was. Reagan started to dismantle it; Clinton put it back together and it functioned well. Pat Robertson wrote a book called “The New World Order.” It looks like Bush decided we just can’t have a functioning New World Order type FEMA. During the first week or so after Katrina, the FEMA website listed the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and Pat Robertson’s special “charity” as where we should send donations to help the survivors. Finally someone recognized the Robertson charity, it got in the news, and it’s now been removed from the list. I guess FEMA got purged of its wicked New World Order suspects, reducing it to total inefficiency.

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