Allow me to be a wet blanket again

Recently people have been gloating about Bush’s low ratings, DeLay’s problems, and the generally bad poll response to the Republicans’ Schiavo demagoguery. While none of this is good news for the Republicans, none of it makes much difference either. The next election is eighteen months away, and the very successful Rove strategy (pioneered by Jesse Helms) consists of squeezing out narrow victories with intensive, state-of-the-art campaigns during the last few months before the election. Rove’s magic lies in getting key voters to vote for a candidate whom they don’t actually like very much.
Bush is home free as far as the voters are concerned, and DeLay can easily be replaced by someone equally bad. The administration seems to be having trouble with the Social Security rollback (even the mushmouthed David Broder has openly come out against it) — but trying to destroy Social Security was an unbelievably bold stroke, and they’re sure to have a backup plan.
Right now I’m waiting for a couple of shoes to drop: first, some kind of crisis of war or terrorism, whether fake or real; and second, a really serious attempt to destroy the lives of some group of “disloyal Americans.”
(Don’t thank me. I’m always glad to come out of retirement to spread gloom and doom.)

10 thoughts on “Allow me to be a wet blanket again

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way, but please, stay retired, I get enough gloomndoom without posts like this.

  2. John,
    and don’t forget the ‘rigging’ of elections in favour of Repubs ..

  3. I agree. My bet? As the economy continues crashing (and the media continues ignoring it), attention is diverted by some kind of terrorist threat. Unless Michael Jackson suffices.

  4. So what you are really saying John, is you just don’t trust this Administration??? The shepple are finally seeing the trees in the forest and you suspect something will happen to blind them again> Sounds right.

  5. “Right now I’m waiting for a couple of shoes to drop: first, some kind of crisis of war or terrorism, whether fake or real; and second, a really serious attempt to destroy the lives of some group of “disloyal Americans.””
    And if this happens do you think we’ll even hear about it? Frankly, I doubt it.

  6. I’m afraid I’m a bigger wet blanket than you are. The shoes (or rather boots) that I’m waiting to hear fall are either this country going bankrupt or a third world war. Bunkers anyone?

  7. The shoes may have already dropped. This is already a successful session with class action lawsuit restrictions, bankruptcy and drilling in ANWR. All three of those have been on the conservative wish list for about a decade now. They have also successfully taken absolutely all focus off of the issue of verified paper trail ballots. Wasn’t that quick?
    While the Democratic party was pretending to guard against threats to Social Security, Bush and Rove have already pretty much cleaned up. Will they come up with a new distraction to push through medical malpractice caps? Probably. I don’t think there is any end to the number of outrages du jour the Right Wing Noise Machine can conjure up.
    Just make a list of what else has been on the conservative wish list besides caps on medical malpractice and that’s probably what will slip under the radar next.
    Heck, I can make an argument that Harry Reid is tacitly cooperating with Karl Rove. The Democrats haven’t stopped squat. Without the active support of the DLC none of the bills I mentioned would have passed. The only thing slowing down Bush/Rove has been Republican incompetence. Democratic opposition has been somewhere between null and nil.

  8. Remember how Kerry creamed Bush in the debates? Then the Rove machine went into action to make the public forget the debates, except for a minor detail that could be spun against Kerry.

  9. BTW: It’s not that I don’t want to think about this. I do think about it, a lot, and short of Civil War II, I can’t figure a way out of this disaster.
    That’s why thinking about it is so hard on me, I see nothing that can keep it together. That does not relieve me of a need to try.

  10. Our Noble Traits

    I’m not sure we still have any kind of coherent left. We only have anti-communist liberals and political centrists masquerading as the “new-new” left.

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