Alito Sucks Roundup at MyDD

Chris Bowers has already put together a terrific round-up of Alito Sucks links: (click through for links)
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Jeralyn at Talk Left: Alito: The Career Prosecutor:

A disaster appointment for those who care about the constitutional rights of the accused. I don’t want a career prosecutor like Alito on the Supreme Court. I fear he will be a major proponent of the war on drugs, the death penalty and the war against immigrants, while he will rule to restrict habeas rights and Miranda.

Kos: The showdown finally arrives:

But this is the best possible scenario for Democrats as well. We now have a vehicle upon which to showcase the differences between us and Republicans, between liberalism and conservatism. This is a golden opportunity, and one wisely denied by Bush and Rove with the Robers and Miers nominations.

Ed Kilgore discusses Jeffrey Rosen’s theory on the court:

As some of you may recall, George Washington University professor Jeffrey Rosen penned an article right after the presidential election analyzing possible Bush SCOTUS picks, and separating them into two camps: “Conservative Activists” (bad), and “Principled Conservatives” (not so bad), with the key dividing line being the jurist’s willingness to defer to legislative decisions and to respect precedents. John Roberts was listed as a “Principled Conservative.” Samuel Alito headed the list of “Conservative Activists.”

Liberal Oasis writes What’s Samuel Alito’s trademark? Hostility to equality.
Rude Pundit writes:

By the way, what is it about the Bush adminstration’s Supreme Court nominees’ savage anger towards pre-teen girls? We had John Roberts saying that it was jim-fuckin-dandy to treat a 12-year old girl eatin’ french fries on the subway in DC like she was Aileen Wuornos giggling over the gutted corpse of a dead john. And now we have Alito allowing cops to, without cause, molest a child.

Eirc Mueller has the White Hosue talking points on Atilo.
Angry Bear writes:

The opinion of Bush’s newest nomination to the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito, regarding the abortion issue will undoubtedly receive a flood of attention in coming weeks. But Alito’s opinion regarding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), signed into law in 1993 by Bill Clinton, also seems deserving of close scrutiny – particularly since it highlights one of my greatest frustrations regarding political stereotypes: the notion that conservatives are better defenders of family values than liberals are.

Feministing writes:

Alito ruled that female public-schoool students who were physically and sexually abused by fellow students in class could not sue the state, because the state has no special duty in caring for them. (D.R. v. Middle Bucks Area Vocational Tech. School) Alito also participated in a panel holding that the Violence Against Women Act allows a court to order HIV/AIDS testing of a sexual assault defendant. (United States v. Ward)

Majikthise writes:

f course Alito should be opposed vigorously, but let’s not forget the oldest trick in the political book: When you’re unpopular at home, start a war! Since Treasongate isn’t going away, the Republicans have effectively opened a two-front war–a move that stinks of desperation.


By contrast, Alito is for Bush as Oxycontin is for Limbaugh. Alito is intended to ease the pain of Fitzgerald’s indictments and continuing investigation by changing the subject. Bush, Cheney and Rove expect us to play along on their timetable, which requires that the country get distracted quickly from the brief glimpse Fitzgerald provided everyone, even Kristof, of the enormously fetid swamp of crimes and traitorous behavior behind the sealed gates of the Bush White House. No one, except Bush’s base, can be anything but disgusted at what was revealed on Friday.
And Bush’s base will rally around Alito no matter what. They have their carefully honed defenses of Alito ready to roll out. But they are not planning on having the country stay focused on Traitorgate. And that is why I’m saying we must.
I’m NOT saying ignore Alito. What I’m saying is DON’T LET BUSH CHANGE THE SUBJECT.

Rox Populi:

Is there any law that requires a man to notify his wife before undergoing a vasectomy? Would such a law violate the Constitution?