Al-Qaeda Supports Bush

I can actually support this statement. That cannot be said for all the froth issued by the Bush campaign and conservative columnists alleging that a vote for Kerry is a vote for terror.

The money quote appeared in an Al-Qaeda letter issued after the Madrid bombings. It stated that Al-Qaeda hoped Bush would win re-election ….

“because he acts with force rather than wisdom or shrewdness, and it is his religious fanaticism that will rouse our (Islamic) nations, as has been shown. Being targeted by an enemy is what will wake us from our slumber.” (NYRB, 4-29-04, footnote, also quoted on the Islamic news website,, 3-17-04)

Understanding why this makes sense requires the slightest pause to consider what Al Qaeda aims actually are. Pause, people! It’s in your political best interest. The primary Al Qaeda goal is not to kill Westerners, it is to unite the Islamic world. This is why George Bush is such a gift to the fanatics. He rouses opposition from all levels of society in all Islamic countries, so that America is alone on a crowded planet.

I am rather tired of reading apologias from Democratic (and even Republican) hawks. I was never such, and I will quote myself, in case there are any readers who are skeptical of my political wisdom in this area: that Al-Qaeda supports Bush. This is what I wrote in my blog ‘Ich Bin Ein Iraqi’ on 10/8/2002:

“…Last night the president gave a speech, trying to persuade Americans of the need for this war. What a nightmare. This president epitomizes the stereotype of the know-nothing American and he wants to invade Iraq; to disrupt the fragile stability of the whole Middle-east, to “fight terror” by making enemies for the United States among Muslims everywhere. He can’t even control the warring parties within his own Administration. He can’t even keep the Israelis from slaughtering Palestinians at moments which are politically inopportune for his own cause. This Administration will win the war but they will never win the peace….

Americans have no appetite for the complexities of this region. The current Administration says they’ll replace Saddam with a democracy. Well, wishing doesn’t make it so. It may be impossible to impose civil society on Iraq. Certainly this Administration, which lacks diplomacy, tact, judgement, respect, and patience, is incapable. Our military is highly skilled and America will win eventually, perhaps quickly (perhaps not, given that so many Iraqis blame the United States for sanctions). But what comes after? … If we invade Iraq, there will be more terror, not less.”

I am posting this because I just read the survey of novelists in Slate. Every Bush supporter said he (and the supporters were all men) was a supporter because of the “war on terror”. What insanity! In my view, a vote for Bush is pouring oil on the flames of international terrorism.