Al Gore Stands Up: Time Cover Story On The Assault On Reason Is Out

By Dave Johnson and James Boyce of Smoking Politics
This morning, thanks to our friends at “Time” we have just seen a glimpse into what we believe is one of the most important political books of the year, Al Gore’s, “The Assault On Reason.”
This cover story article is fair, balanced and great insight into both Al Gore and the new book.
Of course, this will also start the attacks – but what you see is a man who knows what’s right, what to do and how to fight – not to mention what he is fighting far.
It will be interesting to watch the attacks, because they have to make him an object of ridicule.
Why? Well, here’s a quote from a tobacco executive:
“Our offensive strategy is to shoot the messenger.”
And here’s the perfect example from this morning.
John Edwards wants to end the war in Iraq. Mike Huckabee wants to make fun of his haircut. That’s pathetic.

2 thoughts on “Al Gore Stands Up: Time Cover Story On The Assault On Reason Is Out

  1. When does Gore’s new book come out? I want to read it. This man’s turning out to be amazingly intelligent, even a statesman. Maybe he needed that defeat to set him free? I hope he’ll run this time!

  2. It’s really exciting to see Al Gore get to the heart of the matter of what’s polluting politics, and reality in America today. Well, not just today, for some time. And that division between the written message and the broadcast one accounts for the absurdity and irrationalism of the Clinton-hating years in a way.
    Charlie Baker

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