Aggressive War, Timed To Influence Election

You’ve been hearing about The secret Downing Street memo — if you read blogs, that is.
Or, on the other hand, if you follow American news, you probably haven’t heard about this.
It’s real. It’s a “smoking gun.” It’s proof. There’s no more doubt about it. The Bush administration intended to go to war, and altered intelligence to trick the public into believing that Iraq was involved in 9/11. It WAS all a lie. AND they timed all of this to influence the 2002 elections.
But who is going to do anything about it? The American news media won’t even report it. The Justice Department is going to help cover this up, not investigate it. The Republicans in Congress certainly aren’t going to do anything, and they won’t allow the Democrats to do anything.
Is the leadership of the military so infiltrated with right-wing loyalists that they’ll put up with this?

12 thoughts on “Aggressive War, Timed To Influence Election

  1. This story was on p. 3 of the Portland Oregonian. Not too bad. If it were Clinton, it would be page one with a 4″ headline, of course.
    Only half the Democrats want to fight this. It’s not just the media and the Republicans.

  2. John, why did you write this “Only half the Democrats want to fight this. It’s not just the media and the Republicans.”?
    I feel like I missed half a conversation I really wanted to hear.

  3. The worst sin in the world is complacency. Maybe Jon Stewart will show it. I just read where Harry Reid said Bush was a loser. Then he called and apologised! Why?

  4. I did see this on CNN several days ago, in connection with the attacks on Blair — who, of course, won anyway. It caused outrage in England but not enough to throw the bastard out. It’s the smoking gun, but the gun seems to have misfired.
    Of course there are enough right-wing loyalists in the military that they’ll put up with this. Anyway, you can’t go against the Commander-in-Chief without being considered a traitor, can you?

  5. The officer corps is in the tank for shrub. They expect to be living large after the revolution.

  6. This is why the single most useful investment our side could make would be to start a major urban newspaper… have it publish in New York and Washington D.C. It would be damned hard for the rest of the media to ignore a story that their competition is putting on the front page in 4″ type. Much easier for our supporters in Washington to demand a public hearing when they can wave a paper sporting the headline, “SECRET BRIT WAR MEMO REVEALS INVASION TIMED TO MATCH 2002 ELECTIONS” in front of the television cameras. Etc.

  7. Re Britain, everyone there already knew that Bush and Blair lied us into war. There have been MANY smoking guns. Their voting was not affected by this memo because what it “revealed” was already factored into their thinking.
    Re the actual content of the memo, I’m not very impressed. It’s the report of a top-ranking UK spook on what he was told by his counterpart here. All it shows is that OF COURSE George Tenent understood everything quite accurately from the start.

  8. Is the leadership of the military so infiltrated with right-wing loyalists that they’ll put up with this?
    That’s how I’m interpreting all the whitewashes of the military incidents. To wit: the military did nothing wrong in the Italian reporter debacle. The only military leader to be responsible for Abu Ghraib was Karpinski. The marine who was filmed shooting three wounded and unarmed Iraq prisoners is exonerated. Clearly this is a miltary that cannot discipline itself or be honest about this lack. It is one more way that the Bush regime is destroying our military – all to protect the guys on top from having to face the consequences of illegal decisions.

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