Afraid Repubicans Would Say Bad Things About Him

Obama Lags on Filling Seats in the Judiciary,

…Mr. Obama moved more slowly and sought relatively moderate jurists who he hoped would not provoke culture wars that distracted attention from his ambitious legislative agenda.
… Mr. Obama has also largely shied away from nominating assertive liberals who might stand as ideological counterpoints to some of the assertive conservatives Mr. Bush named. …
…“Obama didn’t assertively put forward progressive candidates who would be the ideological counterweights to some Republican appointees, and yet his choices have been met with relentless obstructionism anyway,” said Nan Aron, president of the Alliance for Justice. “All of this has left Obama with a significantly smaller judicial footprint than he is entitled to.”

This last line is the elitist mistake. It is not OBAMA and his legacy that is harmed by this, it is US! I don’t care about Obama’s legacy, I care about having a counterweight to the corporate right!!!! THAT is why I voted for Obama, and why so many people might choose not to vote at all this time.