Afraid of Rush

I keep hearing people say that Howard Dean should be more careful not to say things that the Republicans can twist around and make into something that sounds bad. They say that Dean is “just giving them ammunition.” I call this the “being afraid that Rush Limbaugh is going to say something bad about them” syndrome.
I have some news. Sit down. Prepare yourself. Take a breath. Here it comes:

Rush Limbaugh is going to say something bad about you. Republicans are going to twist whatever you say. It doesn’t matter what it is that you actually say. They lie. They distort. They manipulate. Get it into your head.

As much as Howard Dean is able to advance a narrative that the Republican Party is a party of white male Christians, it forces Hispanics, women, blacks and Jews to return to the Democrats.
As much as Howard Dean is able to advance a narrative that Republicans only work for the interests of the rich that brings blue collar and middle class people back to the Democrats.
I mean, why do you THINK the Republicans are trying to get him to stop saying that?

18 thoughts on “Afraid of Rush

  1. Preach it Brother Dave, Preach it. I wish folks would listen to what Dean actually says. I watched his speeches when he was running for the actual JOB of President. C-Span carried some good ones. I was crying! I was Yelling. I thought, oh my God, we are going to get a leader finally. I should have known. “Everybody must get stoned”
    Please people, don’t let them stone Dr. Dean to death. He needs us now, our support, our encouragement – as much as we need him.

  2. I agree 100%. We need to be more outspoken not less. I saw what happened in the 2004 election when Kerry tried to be “nice”. He kept on allowing himself to be put on the defensive by the little twert and was even defending his war record to a man who was AWOL for a year during a time of war and was never even court martialed for it. The republicans are going to continue to lie and twist and manipulate. They have been getting away with this for so long that they think they are entitiled to behave like this. Time for reality and time for the democrats to give them that taste of reality.

  3. Even better is White Christian only. Use White Christians Only and you have a even more winning message because then you have suburban mothers leaving the Republicans.

  4. I agree with all the above comments. Speaking, roughly, of that…did any one see Rep Jane Harmon on C-Span this AM? Really sad…she represents the typical Dem in Congress. Just clueless man, just clueless. I lost count of how many times she heaped praise on the CIA.

  5. Right on…and don’t foregt the “only”. It is time we used the same language the REps do, only ours will be true. They are liars, thieves, Talibans, Christian Mullahs (no insult intended to everday ordinary Christians) anti-America traitors to the Constitution, woman haters, race-baitors, theocrats. Use these words over and over…i,e.”murder America traitors to the Constitution like Rush Limbaugh.”

  6. I happened to hear Rush today. He was raving on and aon about Dean’s comments. I do believe that Howard has struck a nerve. Love it!

  7. Absolutely f…..g brilliant, Dave, if you pardon my French! Keep hammering away!

  8. Dave: the Joe Bidens, Joe Liebermans and others of the Democratic “republican lite” are gonna accuse you of stirring up the sweltering masses if your not careful. Who keeps voting for these guys anyway…

  9. Hey, Go Dean! But if you wanna say something controversial, try to make an actual point. Republican’s who’ve “never worked an honest day?” Ouch. Party full of white christians? Well true, but what does that have to do with the issues of the day?
    I’d have no trouble with everyday people saying stuff like this, but our TV spokesmodels need to try to stay on point and on message.
    Be outspoken. Piss them off. How about calling the president a war criminal? How about the Republican leadership leading America down the tubes of debt peonage?
    Now, I’d also like to see Biden stop being a corporate whore. But then I want perfection.

  10. I agree with DrLaniac. I love what’s coming from Dean, and certainly don’t think he should apologize to anyone, but his recent comments are sort of like wildly strafing anything that moves. He should still come out guns blazing, but if he would shoot a bit more accurately, he’d be even more effective. That said, I’d take the wild strafing over the cork popgun routine we normally get any day of the week.

  11. Go to the CNN site – go down until you see the box Politics – read what Dean said. It’s the box right ABOVE the one that says Bush pushes for Patriot Act. He made a point. If he had not said what he did, tell me, do you think you would see an article about it on CNN?

  12. I do agree that the “White Christians” was pretty weak.
    Dean should say something even MORE offensive and zany to draw attention away from that – but THIS time, he needs to make an actual supportable point. I like the “Bush is a War Criminal” idea.
    Even better, I like the “Bush leads the party of War Profiteering”.
    If Dean were to say something like that, it would be like the time of that awful gasp at the family wedding reception when the 5 year old ringbearer says “FUCK” loud enough for everyone to hear. Dean needs attention of this sort right now.
    But he’s GOT to stay On Message.

  13. I could very well be wrong, but I don’t think Dean is the answer for you guys. Perhaps it isn’t fair, but he’s gotten some serious negative publicity with his comments, and his “screech” during the primaries is a bad lasting image.
    If “staying on task” means bashing Bush and Republicans all day every day then I think you’ll just be spinning your wheels. Even if there are nuggets of truth, that stuff doesn’t drive people to the voting booths, and likely you won’t all agree on what to bash Bush for even within your own party.
    And then there’s the little problem of fundraising. Put your money where your mouth is folks.
    Good luck, though.

  14. Exactly. Now how do we get this message to penetrate the upper echelons of the Democratic Party?

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